Description of projects and links to property reports/publications (If available)

  1. Glacial landform mapping and dispersal of kimberlite indicator minerals, Nunavut, Tahera Diamond Corp. (Link to publication purchase) (2005)

  2. Glacial and landform mapping for Archaeology, Debert/Belmont paleoIndian site, Nova Scotia (2006-2014)

  3. Bedrock mapping, soil geochemistry, Oscar Pb-Zn deposit, SE British Columbia, Dajiin Resources,(2007)
  4. Glacial and ice flow mapping, Uranium, NE Saskatchewan/Manitoba, CanAlaska, (2007)

  5. Till geochemistry and prospecting for VMS deposits, central Newfoundland, Paragon Minerals Corp., (2008)
  6. Till and boulder provenance for W exploration, Geodex Minerals, Central New Brunswick (2008)
  7. Bedrock mapping, soil and till geochemistry, prospecting, gold, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia, Scratch Exploration and Mining Corp., (2008-2014)

  8. Glacial and landform mapping, reconnaissance till sampling surveys, gold, northwestern Ontario, Osisko Mining Corp., 2009-2012)

  9. Glacial and landform mapping, reconnaissance till sampling surveys, REE, northwestern Saskatchewan, Great Western Mining Corp., 2010-2011)
  10. Pilot study, till and stream sediment survey methods, REE, central Labrador, Great Western Mining Corp., (2010-2011)
  11. Sand and gravel mapping, Halifax region, Dexter Construction Ltd., (2010)

  12. Supervision of RC drilling, uranium, Northern Saskatchewan, CanAlaska, (2011)
  13. Review of published Quaternary geology and geochemistry, Hope Bay, Nunavut, Newmont Mining Corp., (2011)
  14. NI 43-101 report, Porcupine showing, Cu-Pb-Zn, REE, central New Brunswick: Explorex Capital Ltd. (2011)
  15. Glacial landform mapping and till sampling, KIM's, NWT, Aurora Geosciences, (2011)
  16. Economic Evaluation of kaolin and silica sand deposits in central Nova Scotia, AlNOva Mining Inc, Orbite Aluminae Inc., (2011-2014)

  17. Glacial mapping and till sampling, gold, Nunavut, Prosperity Gold Corp., (2012)
  18. Glacial and landform mapping, Northwestern Ontario, North American Palladium Ltd.,(2012)
  19. Till mapping and geochemical sampling, gold, Southwestern Nova Scotia, Greenlight Resources Ltd., (2012)

  20. Surficial mapping, uranium, central Labrador, Paladin/Aurora Energy Ltd., (2014)
  21. Surficial mapping, gold, Hemlo District, Northern Ontario, Kaminak Gold Corporation, (2014)
  22. Ice flow landform mapping, Nunavut, Southampton Island, Billiton Mining Inc., (2011)
  23. Ice flow landform mapping, Ungava,Quebec, Goldbrook Ventures, (2010)